What’s this?

Ozmoo is a Z-machine interpreter for the Commodore 64 and similar computers by Johan Berntsson and Fredrik Ramsberg.

Ozmoo for Acorn is a port for the 8-bit Acorn computers. It converts a Z-code game file into a bootable disc image which plays the game on a BBC B, B+ or Master or Acorn Electron.

As an example of what the result looks like, you can try Dave Footitt’s Calypso running under Ozmoo in your web browser at bbcmicro.co.uk.

Loader screen Game in mode 7

Building a game using Acorn Ozmoo

The code is in my github repository. The current release is “4.4 (Acorn 2021-02-18)”, which you can download here.

Building a game with Acorn Ozmoo isn’t that difficult, but you do need to be able to use the command line to do it. (Playing a game generated with Acorn Ozmoo just involves booting a disc, as you can see from the Calypso example mentioned above.)

You need a modern computer to build the game on. I develop Acorn Ozmoo using Linux, but other people have used it on Windows and Mac.

You’ll need some other software installed on your computer:

If you’re using Windows, Ken Lowe’s post on stardot here includes some pre-built versions of acme, beebasm and lzsa and instructions on how to install them.

Given all that, to convert a Z-code game file into a bootable disc image:

If all goes well, you should end up with a file called my-game-file.ssd or my-game-file.dsd which is a bootable Acorn DFS disc image.

Getting help

The best place to ask for help with Acorn Ozmoo is in this thread on stardot.org.uk. I keep an eye on it and there are several other regular contributors. Alpha and beta releases are also posted there if you want to experiment with new features and bugs.